Traveling? Here’s How You Can Take Care Of Your Diet

October 25, 2022

With the fast pace of life today, when we get the rare opportunity to go on a holiday, we often find ourselves indulging in all the good food our host country has to offer.  Sometimes, we may even return home to discover that we packed a few extra pounds home! However, it is very possible to maintain a healthy diet even when you’re out exploring the world. Read on for some simple tips.

When we’re traveling, there’s so much to do and see. However, with time being so precious, we generally don’t spend hours on exercising like we would back at home. The key then, is to maximize efficiency while reducing exercise time. At this point, some strategic workouts would be joint-strengthening exercises such as squats, push-ups, lunges and bench pushes. Such exercises target multiple muscle groups1, which means that you can burn more calories in a short time. You’ll then have more time to enjoy your travels to the fullest! What’s more, with most gyms in hotels being open 24 hours a day, you’ll be able to drop by for a short workout session anytime, so do make full use of the amenities!

Stay active

If you’re not a gym person, there are plenty of alternatives for you to stay active when you’re away. Any physical activity will keep you fit and energized while still enjoying your vacation to the fullest.

When you’re in a new environment, keeping yourself on the move tends to be easier, as you’ll feel more inclined to explore the new space around you – whether it’s jogging along the beach, climbing a mountain, shopping in a small alley, participating in water sports, or even searching for a restaurant in the area. While you’re sightseeing, consider traveling on foot instead of taxis – but do check with your hotel concierge if it’s safe to do so; he or she will be able to advise on safe and crime-free pedestrian roads. Besides keeping yourself in shape, you’ll also experience more of what the place has to offer!

Even if it’s for only half an hour a day, staying active will keep your endorphin levels up2, helping to improve your mood and  energy levels.

Pay attention to diet and nutrition

There’s doubt about it – food is one of the main draws of travel. Discovering local cuisine, exploring cafes, enjoying nightlife and more – they’re all part of the travel experience. However, it is important to find a way to balance health and indulgence. While you don’t have to keep to a strict diet, eat in moderation – the usual healthy eating guidelines such as not overindulging on rich and oily food, as well as sticking to a balanced diet apply.

Indulge smartly when eating out
You’ll probably be eating out a lot on your travels, and we do understand the most delicious foods are often not the healthiest! So, while you feast on all the local delights your host country has to offer, share food with your traveling companions. In this way, you’ll be able to enjoy a bit of everything without overeating. Also, try not to overorder at the first instance – you can always get more food when you find that what you have isn’t enough.

Drink alcohol in moderation

Alcohol – for many of us, it’s the norm to socialize over some drinks, especially if alcohol is more affordable outside of Singapore. However, alcohol contains high amounts of calories – seven calories per gram (just a little less than fat  at nine calories per gram). However, that’s not to say that you have to avoid alcohol altogether – the key is to drink in moderation. Here are some recommendations from the Health Promotion Board3:

Men: No more than two standard drinks per day
Women: No more than one standard drink per day
Standard drink: A can of beer, half a glass of wine, or 1 nip of spirit

Stay Hydrated

Our bodies require about two litres of water every day, and this can fluctuate according to our environment and activities. For example, if you’re going to explore a new place in a hot climate for a few hours, you’ll need to hydrate yourself more frequently, so that you can replenish water your body has lost. Doing this can also help to control your appetite and prevent overeating – this is because the body often mistakes dehydration as hunger. Take note of your water intake – you can use an app for easy tracking!

Tip: How much water is enough?
It’s not always easy to monitor your water consumption, so try this trick: drink enough water so that you urinate several times a day, and that your urine is pale and odor-free.

Carry a water bottle with measurement on it with you and refill it so you can know roughly how much water you drink all day.

We wish you a wonderful and memorable trip!

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