Health Screening

What is health screening for?

Health screenings allow you to detect any particular underlying condition or disease in us where we often feel or look well because certain health conditions do not exhibit any signs or symptoms in the early stages. We provide a comprehensive range of health screening services and package that cover all your health and medical needs. Throug health screening, we aim to help you better understand and manage your overall health.

After your health screening, our doctors will go through a personalised medical report, make suitable recommendations, and work with you towards a healthy life. Choose from our wide range of Health Screening packages that best meets your needs.

Regular health screening is important in order to keep us in the pink of health and it is different from those ordered diagnostic tests directly by your family doctor, GP or a Specialist for someone who is already showing symptoms or signs of a condition.

Preparation prior to Your health screening
  • We will inform you if you need to fast for your screening tests. If fasting is required, you will need to stop eating by 12 midnight the night before your appointment and drink only plain water on an as-needed basis.
  • If you have gone through previous health screening tests and received abnormal results, please bring these reports along on the day of your appointment.
  • Set aside half a day minimally for your tests (exact duration depends on the package selected)
  • For stool analysis, a specimen bottle will be provided on the day of the test. Alternatively, you may collect the specimen bottle from our clinic prior to the appointment and collect your stools the night before.
  • For women doing a pap smear or pelvic examination, it is best to schedule it 5 days before or after menstruation for accurate results.
  • If taking the treadmill stress test, please bring along jogging shoes and comfortable clothes. Bring along any past medical records (doctor’s memo/X-ray films/ECG/medical report) or medications, if any.
  • Diabetic medication should not be taken on the morning of your screening appointment. Regular high blood pressure and heart medication can be continued.

Please call our customer service for any queries or seek clarification if you are unsure of what to prepare for.

What to expect (on the health screening day)

During consultation
You will be require to provide information on your personal medical history (if any) as well as family history (if you know). And you may share your past medical reports if you have any.


Physical examination / Scans
You will be required to remove your clothes and jewelleries for certain examinations such as breast examination or a pre rectum examination


Types of health screening tests
Mammogram, CT Scan, MRI, X-ray, Ultrasound, BMD & Blood test

We aim to make your experience a pleasant one on the screening day.

After Your Health Screening

After you have completed the health screening tests, a second appointment will be scheduled after 48 hours with you by our clinic's customer service staffs. Your doctor will then go through your test results and/or health risks with you in detail, suggesting any necessary lifestyle changes and treatment, if any. This is also the best time to ask your doctor regarding any health concerns you may have.

*Any further tests, medications/vaccinations, doctor consultations will be chargeable.