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Be in the Know, Be in the Pink of Health

At Link Doctors, we believe that Health is Wealth. Everyone should have easy and prompt access to medical services, hence, our vision to provide access to a list of medical specialists (specially curated through years of partnerships and we will continue to include more specialists over the next few months) and health screening packages curated for both Men and Women as well as Gastro and Colon cancers which are ranked top in Singapore and globally. Prevention is better than cure. At Link Doctors, general vaccinations for illness prevention such as HPV, Hepatitis A & B and Pneumococcal are also readily available for anyone to make an appointment with our affiliate medical centre with a click of a button.

Health Screening

We provide a comprehensive range of health screening services and package that cover all your health and medical needs. Through health screening, we aim to help you better understand and manage your overall health.

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Vaccination is a simple, safe, and effective way of protecting people against harmful diseases, before they come into contact with them. It uses your body’s natural defenses to build resistance to specific infections and makes your immune system stronger.

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Diagnostic Imaging

Imaging is an important component of health screening, as it allows visualising parts of your body not visible to the naked eye.

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