Health Tips for Women

December 5, 2022

With more and more women paying more attention to health and wellness, let’s take a look at what we should pay attention to in our daily life. 

Drink a glass of honey with water every morning

Honey has been around for thousands of years, sometimes even used as food and medicine. Honey water can help us promote gastric acid secretion, enhance gastrointestinal motility, and improve our metabolism. It can also help us speed up the excretion of toxins and garbage in our body. For women, the reduction of toxins in the body will correspondingly reduce the chance of acne, and thus improve the skin condition of women, enhancing brightness and elasticity. Honey water is also said to strengthen your body and give you a better complexion. Try making yourself a glass of honey every morning! 



Exercise regularly

Today’s busy work and convenience of life also cause many women to sit or lie down all day long and lack exercise. Exercise comes with many benefits – it strengthens our body, helps us maintain a healthy weight, as well as look and feel good. After proper exercise, your muscles and bones are activated, the tense body is relaxed. You’ll also be able to fall asleep more easily, and have a more peaceful sleep. Exercise also has stress-busting benefits, thanks to the release of endorphins, and can help us better manage our emotions. 


Go to sleep early

You’ve probably heard of the term “beauty sleep” – and this isn’t exactly an old wives’ tale. Staying up late can lead to various issues such as biological clock disorder, endocrine disorders, dark yellow and dry skin, dark spots, pimples, dark circles and eye bags. It also makes the body tired, lowers immunity, affects our memory, and causes irregular periods. Try to get some rest before 11pm so that you can have your beauty sleep – it’s also key in getting a healthy brain and body!


Drink red wine, but in moderation

Organic compounds such as polyphenols in red wine enable red wine aid in reducing blood lipids, inhibit bad cholesterol, soften blood vessels, enhance cardiovascular function and cardiac activity. It has also been said to have anti-ageing properties. Furthermore, 60 to 100 grams of red wine can increase the production of normal gastric juice by 120 ml, which is conducive to the assimilation of protein. Tannins in red wine can increase the contractility of smooth muscle fibres in the intestinal musculature. Therefore, red wine can also adjust the function of the colon, aid in digestion, and prevent constipation. However, do remember that drinking in moderation is key.



Massage your face regularly

Massaging the skin every day can help promote blood circulation as well as skin metabolism, and effectively discharge toxins. It can also effectively relax the facial muscles, accelerate the metabolism of cells, and achieve a firming effect. 

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