Can you increase your bust size naturally?

September 5, 2023

Perhaps you feel like you’d fit better in your dress if your bust was a little different. Maybe you wish for a more pronounced chest, or you may feel different after pregnancy or breastfeeding. If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re wondering about increasing your bust size naturally. Learn more about what impacts breast size, and what you can do to enhance your breasts naturally. 


Choose the right bra

Wearing a bra that’s the right fit can accentuate your busts, sometimes making them look larger and perkier, but there are health benefits as well! Medically speaking, wearing a bra that fits well can benefit your health significantly – it can enhance your posture, minimise the strain in your neck, back and shoulders, makes it easier for you to feel comfortable while being active, and more. Selecting a bra with the best fit is important – something too small may limit your movements and result in pain. Straps that are too tight, and wires that are too constraining can also result in soreness in your shoulders and upper body. On the flip side, bras that are too big do not support your breasts well, and can also cause discomfort. 

Make sure you have enough vitamins and nutrients

While we at Link Doctor do not endorse breast enhancement supplements, there are supplements that can help with overall health which can in turn affect your bust size. For example, you might have heard that bust size decreases with weight loss. For your body to properly develop, you will need to consume foods that are rich in protein, fat, fairy products, soy products and meat.

Try out a breast massage
For some women, breast massages seem to affect breast size, firmness and elasticity – it is said to help increase blood circulation in this fat-storing tissue. However, do note that this is neither permanent nor scientifically proven.

Just as certain types of exercise can change the shape, size, strength, and tone of your leg, arm, or buttock muscles, the same can be for your chest muscles. Chest muscles such as chest press, and pullovers are likely to help change the size and size of your pectoral muscles, which can sometimes lead to an increase in bra size. Such body sculpting exercises are sometimes best done under professional supervision, so you may want to seek a fitness trainer’s advice.

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