9 Health Tips for Middle-Aged Men

November 8, 2022

It’s natural – ageing typically comes with certain health lapses for many, and this is where changes in our bodies can seem more noticeable.  In this article, we focus on how middle-aged men can assess if they are healthy. Do note, however, that these are just general guidelines, and that professional advice is needed for an accurate assessment.  Grip Strength According to a study in the United States, there is a correlation between grip strength and potential health benefits. One of the benefits is a lower mortality risk – this is a result of the correlation between grip strength and bone, cardiovascular, as well as overall health. How you can test: Prepare a grip dynamometer. Stand straight with your feet shoulder length apart and bring your arms down. To administer the test, squeeze the dynameter,  then test the maximum value twice. Be careful not to swing your arms or squat. For middle-aged men over forty years old, an ideal grip strength should be 40kg.  Oral Health Our mouths 3.change as we age – for example, our nerves can become smaller, making our teeth less sensitive to cavities or other problems. There will also be signs of wear and tear, such as gum recession, yellowing of teeth, and dry mouth. To ensure oral health, or to catch issues before they get too serious, do visit a dentist regularly.     Stamina Stamina is considered to be one of the benchmens of physical health, as it means that one is able to sustain an elevated heart rate for a prolonged period of time. Take brisk-walking for example – one’s ability to maintain a brisk pace of walking for a long period of time can be key in assessing one’s health.  A healthy 40-year old man should be able to complete a 3km walk within 28 minutes, with an average rate of 134 steps per minute. Body Weight Maintaining a healthy weight can get harder as we age. For some, slower metabolism can lead to weight gain. For others, muscle mass decreases, leading to weight loss. Maintaining a healthy BMI – between 18.5 to 24.9 – at middle age can be another benchmark of physical health. Find out about your BMI with this 4.BMI calculator Ejaculation Just as refractory period increases with age, the colyme of the ejaculate decreases. An 1.average healthy volume should be around 2 to 5 cc (one teaspoon is equal to about 5 cc).   Organ  Functions If you feel out of breath doing relatively moderate activities such as walking a little faster or climbing a flight of stairs, it may mean that you have 2.underlying health conditions related to your heart or lungs. In this case, you can consider consulting a medical professional to better understand your state of health.   Stress levels Stress can take its toll on any individual, including people in middle age, where responsibilities start to pile up. These can impact a person both physically and psychologically.  Do pay attention to your mental well-being! If you notice any significant lapses in health indicators, don’t be afraid to seek professional help – remember, issues are often easier in their early stages.   Reference:

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